The Badger Lite Advantage

Badger Lite Company is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of industrial, commercial, and display lighting. Our fixtures, manufactured in our Milwaukee plant, are listed with US and Canadian Underwriters Laboratories. We also design and build custom fixtures to suit your specific needs. We guarantee the quality of our products, the service and attention we provide to each customer, an inventory that serves your needs quickly and efficiently, and competitive prices. Access to the products of over thirty additional suppliers assures you of one-stop shopping for your lighting needs.


Products Available

At our facility on West Forest Home Avenue, we maintain an extensive inventory that covers the full range of lighting supplies and equipment, as well as hard to find bulbs, tubes and replacement parts. Our products are divided into four general categories:

Fixtures: Point-of-Purchase Display • Menu Boards • Indoor and Outdoor (Cold Temperature) Fluorescents • Indoor and Outdoor High Intensity Discharge • Incandescent and Fluorescent Precision Task Lighting • Emergency Exit Signs • Commercial and Industrial Fixtures • Commercial Spot and Flood Lights • Fixtures for the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder • High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Plant Lights

Lamps: Incandescent • Fluorescent • LED • Tungsten Halogen • High Intensity Discharge • Miniature • Sealed Beam • LED exit retrofits • Micrographic • Import Specialties • 20,000 Hour Incandescent Lamps • Infrared Quartz • Infrared Heat • Blacklight • Germicidal • Ultraviolet

Ballasts and Parts: Fluorescents Ballasts • High Intensity Discharge Ballasts • Lamp Parts • Power Cord Sets • Fluorescent Switches • Fluorescent Lampholders and Starter Bases • Replacement Plastics and Louvres • Vandal Resistant Plastic Globes • Clear and Colored Plastic TubeGuard Sleeves • UV-Blocking TubeGuard Sleeves

Miscellaneous Supplies: Emergency Light Batteries • Fluorescent Starters • HPS Ignitors • HID Capacitors


Service Comes First

Badger Lite Company takes pride in its ability to assist you with all of your lighting needs, whether your business is large or small. Experienced, trained personnel with decades of practical experience are always available to guide you toward the most practical and efficient lighting choices for your particular needs. In addition, we are associated with the country’s major lightbulb manufacturers including: General Electric Company, Philips Lighting, and Osram Sylvania. Our access to their technical expertise, research efforts and support materials is passed directly on to you.

Whenever you do business with us, we know you will find our prices and service unequaled. Badger Lite’s inventory always includes standard lamps and fixtures, along with a large selection of hard-to-find lighting items. We make our own line of UL listed fluorescent fixtures, all with a two-year warranty. Through our manufactured fixtures, we can provide you with better pricing, in stock availability, and custom order service.

The next time you have a question about lighting-or you need fast service and delivery, call Badger Lite Company at 414-645-3333, 877-236-2049 Toll Free or Fax your request to 414-672-LITE(5483), you can also contact us via e-mail. Our plant and office is located at 3000 W. Forest Home Ave. in Milwaukee and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.